viernes, 12 de junio de 2015

The Book Thief . Read, watch, listen and then speak and write.

We are at the very end of the school year. During this term you have practised by reading and writing your own film and book reviews. The book by Markus Zusack The Book Thief was adapted and become a film first released in 2013. It was a bestseller and you can click here to read it on line.
Si prefieres leerlo en español, aquí tienes el enlace de la web.

We are watching the film in class next week and later you're going to prepare some questions for your mates. But first let's read these extracts:
Here you are the trailer to watch and listen.

Then, we can express our opinions, give ideas by speaking up. Next, it's your turn to write questions for your teacher and classmates. Do you think words would inspire you to write a diary, a short story, a poem...?  I encourage you to try hard and do it. Perhaps one day YOU can become a writer with best-selling books. Remember that only by reading you can enlarge your vocabulary.

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