sábado, 20 de junio de 2015

THANKS and goodbye. You are the reason

Hi folks!! Here I am again to say goodbye to you. I won't be at school next September and it'll be a challenge for me to start a new cycle of life and work in a different school. Of course, I'll meet you any time anywhere in San José or Sevilla as soon as possible!!

I want you to know how much I've learnt being you teacher for these two school years as you are great students and what's more important: good guys. I'm happy to imagine a future in which people like you will become adults as I can figure out it'll be a better world. 

I'll miss you. I had a big surprise last Friday and I'll keep all the nice presents you gave me with me forever . Your hearts are in them and I won't forget you.  None of you!!

Remember to study hard as I promise, I'll be one of the visitors in your Graduation Ceremony. Don't dare to waste your time at school!!! I'll be observing you...as closely as possible.

Also, don't forget to read the book I gave one of you and pass it to the whole group. You could sign it once each of you finish reading it....

This song by Hoobstank is the one that best fits my feelings about you right now. I like being a teacher if I meet people like you that make me work hard by planning new things every day. Enjoy, have fun (as usual) and please BEHAVE!!!

Here you are a HAPPY song to enjoy and have fun!! 

7 comentarios:

Lucía Gil Valdellós dijo...

I don't have words for you teacher. I will miss you infinity. Really I envy my brother, because he could learn and enjoy with you more than me. But I keep your words,your advices and you in me, and I am fortunate. Our youth or our stupidity didn't let us to be at 100% with you but we really love you. I keep your promise, I will see you in our graduation. Thank you for all :)
Ps: I am scared about the mistakes of my test, you can't change my marks, can you?��

Alicia dijo...

This really made cry. I love you teacher, I know I've been just a year with you but I don't need more time to realize that you're a wonderful, incredible and amazing teacher;I have no words for you. I only could say that i'll miss you a lot.
Thanks for everything and don't forget us!

English Teacher dijo...

Thanks again to you both! Keep calm Lucía your English is good and you'll have time to improve it!!
Alicia , that's just a song for all of you and I didn't mean to make you cry....I'm so happy because I've met you!!!

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