viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2014

Unit 3: Family Matters

In unit 3 you're learning the vocabulary of the family. Follow the links to revise:

Clik on the image, play the three games on the grammar point to revise new words and grammar.

martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

Progressive form and Stative verbs

Here you can lean more about Stative Verbs. You can also revise the  Present Progressive we have studied in class. Click on the pictures to learn more and play games to check your knowledge.

  • Activity 1:

  • Activity 2: Watch the video and then click on the Play it! button. You can also click on the other buttons to practise more.

  • Activity 3: grammar about stative verbs.

lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014

Speaking and Writing: A photo description

Here you are two bizarre pictures. Choose one and look at them in detail. Then do the following activities:

  • Activity 1 Speak up in class to describe what you see. Why do you think these people are there? .
  • Activity 2 Write a description including this information: who the people are, where they are, what is happening and giving your opinion: why you like or dislike it.
Deadline for activity 2: tuesday 18th november

Unit 2: places in town, use of adjectives, describing pictures...

  • Vocabulary

In unit 2 you are studying words related to places in a town or city. Click on the link below from British Council to practise and learn names of things around your town. We'll work on the first task in class. Later you can revise the vocabulary with the remaining tasks.

On this link you can practise the differences between -ed/-ing endings for adjetives as you learnt in class.

  • Listen and watch: How to use a camera
Watch the video to learn a bit about how to make a video. Then you'll have to complete a worksheet to check your understanding. Keep this video in your mind as we'll follow some others later. Would you like to make a short film by the end of the school year?