lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

Short movies for task 2

Here you are some of the videos or short movies you have chosen in groups because you found them interesting in a way. Some groups gave an oral exposition about their short movies and after the week of holidays you're having some short debates in class to question why they are appealing to you.

Group 2:  Elena López, Laura, Ángela, Emma and Miguel Cid chose "The Moon".

Group 3: Lucía Gil, María Caro, María Fdz, María Romero and Paula López chose "Christian, the lion".

Group 5: Andrea Ming, Andrea Clavijo, Erika Cano and Fco. Javier Fdz chose  "Slimtime".

Group 6:  Mario León, Andrés Cano, Alejandro Fdz, Juan José Montblanch and José Manuel Pichardo chose  "Look up"

Group 4: Song "Amnesia" with Victoria Navarro, Lucía Parrilla, Alicia, Ana Portillo y Belén Muñoz.

Group 7:  " Cambio de pilas" Miguel Pérez, Pablo Núñez, Sandro Rodríguez.

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