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Steps to your next task : A short film

Last friday you watched the short film Paperman in class. It was produced by Walt Disney Animated Studios and directed by John Kahrs. Here you are the Oscar winner 2012 again.

Activity 1

Answer the following questions:
  • What's your opinion of the story?
  • Do you think it is possible to fall in love at first sight?
  • Are these meetings a question of chance or destiny?
  • What would you do to get to know a person you've met and was appealing to you?
  • Other comments.
Activity 2
Now, watch the three videos below where John Kahrs, the director of the film talks about: 
 the origins of the film, the first idea. 

Here he talks about the drawings.

Watch the last short vide where he talks about the looks.

Activity 3

Write some questions relevant to each of the videos. You're going to work orally in small groups where each of you is going to make the questions and the rest is going to give an appropriate answer. Then, we're going to have some general conclusions.

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