martes, 31 de enero de 2012

School Peace and Non-Violence Day 30th January

There are some activities we can do to commemorate this date:
  • In the first place, we will learn some facts about the life of Mohandas Gandhi, one of the founders of the Non-Violence movement. Click here to answer the QUIZ.
  • In order to learn about Peace messages, you can click on the following links:
  1. Children's poems
  2. Peace quotes 1
  3. Peace quotes 2
  4. Peace quotes 3

  • Alternatively, you may like to listen to a song related to Peace and Non-Violence: "Blowin' in the Wind", written by Bob Dylan.
  • Finally, you will use a piece of paper and your own hands to create an Origami Peace Crane. for more information about its meaning and the folding instructions, click HERE. Or you may be interested in following the instructions on this animation.

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