martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008


Tomorrow people all over the world will know the name of the President that has finally been elected by the Americans.Would you like to know something about the way citizens participate? What about the process of election? Did you know that? Listen, watch and read to understand. Electing a US President in plain English

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Teacher dijo...

Tomorrow you will tell me if it is difficult for you. You can read it with the subtitles in Spanish too.
It is helpful for Visual, Auditory and even Kinaesthetic learners.

Cayetano dijo...

Hello, like I am bore I am writting comentaries, XDXDXD. It's difficult the elections but no the video, American people are very difficutly ( don't say nothing Erika) because they don't use metrical system, they use the Farenheit scale and has no identity card, so is so difficult to vote, like these people don't vote, but these year yeah, beacause they are angry with Bush, I'm happy by these.

Teacher dijo...

Hello, Cayetano. I am happy because yours is the first comment on the part of the students. There are some mistakes that I will correct for you in class. When you say that American people are "difficult" don't your rather mean that they are just different from us?