lunes, 11 de mayo de 2015

5 extinct animals...back to life???

In Unit 7 we have read about the Woolly Mammoth as an extinct animal in the process of becoming alive. By using the method of the DNA putting it into the eggs of a relative of the extinct animal scientists are continuing their experiments to bring prehistoric animals back to life.

Follow the link to read and learn more about other extinct animals that could be hopefully!! comeback.

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2015

A film review

Firstly, set the groups to work about the short film you chose in the 2nd term or to decide on  a new film you would like to recommend.

Secondly,  click on the picture to get the steps to follow for your writing of the review.

Thirdly, you'll prepare a powerpoint presentation or similar to be done in class. You'll be coevaluated by your mates as we did with the description of a picture last term.
The presentations will start on 27th may.

Finally, we'll work together on a padlet platform where you'll create a wall with the most significant elements of your reviews and inviting people to watch the films you chose.

You can choose other films as the one I present here. It is the trailer of a the American film: The Fault in Our Stars . It is based on the novel by John Green published in 2012 and adapted to the cinema in 2014. It can make us reflect on our lives and the sense of perfection.